Efficient Appliances

BRES uses heat pumps for heating and cooling.  Heat pumps are more energy efficient than other heating systems (particularly resistance electric, the other electric heat source), they don’t require separate systems for heating and cooling, and they don’t rely on gas or oil which are increasingly more expensive.

We also heat water using a heat pump.  Heat pump water heaters use air from the house instead of resistance electric to heat the home’s water. In total, it is about four times as efficient as a resistance heater.  An added benefit with heat pump water heaters is that they cool and dehumidify the household air.

Induction cooktops are a standard in our homes.  Induction is the most responsive type of stove top cooking we know of, and also the most efficient.  Most chefs prefer induction cooking to cooking with gas. We recommend that our clients select the most efficient, energy star rated kitchen and laundry appliances available.